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A Short History On Willow Run Mastiffs

Willow Run is the oldest continuous breeding kennel in the United States and England. Tony and Betty Yocum acquired the existing stock of Eve Olsen Fisher’s Willowledge kennels which included : Bulliff Butcher’s Blade, Tresylyan Bon Adventure, Damaria Queen Pelydryn, Willowledge Pepermint Pattie, Willowledge Patriss, Willowledge Savannah, Willowledge Sophie, Willowledge Margret, Willowledge Polliana and Lazy Hill Virginia. Prior to acquiring the Willowledge stock we owned Willowledge Dunamis, Willowledge Sondance and Willowledge Trinity. These are the foundation stock of Willow Run Mastiffs. Eve Olsen Fisher began Willowledge Kennels in 1944. The Mastiff Club of America also got its post-war start in the same time period. There were three ladies that were instrumental in the development of the MCOA and the modern day Mastiff—Patty Brill of the famous Peach Farm line, Marie Moore with her Moorleigh lines (she made the greatest contribution to the general education of the public concerning the Mastiff with her many publications, including her noted book. "The Mastiff") and Eve Olsen Fisher with Willowledge Kennels. Both Patty Brill and Marie Moore are gone now and, much to our dismay, Mrs. Moore’s stock was put down at her death. Mrs. Fisher did not wish her life’s work abandoned. Therefore, upon her retirement from breeding in 1989, she offered her complete breeding stock to us. Mrs. Fisher is still very active with the Mastiff breed. She was the MCOA delegate to the American Kennel Club for 25 years and stepped down from the position recently to better concentrate on judging assignments. She is an international show judge and has to her credit judged several groups as well as Best In Show and the MCOA National Specialty, The Governor’s show in Connecticut, and National Specialties in England, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. She also has future plans for a judging assignment in China. We consider it a great privilege to carry on this breeding tradition using the best of yesterday for tomorrow’s champions.


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